Pleasanton Rentals offers our customers a true partner in helping plan and execute events. One of our specialties is the ability to make your event flow smoothly and although we won't be at your event, we offer excellent support through a number of methods.

Steeped in Experience: our extensive experience in the rental industry enables us the insight and knowledge to maintain an overview of your entire event. We can anticipate issues that may not be intuitive and help prevent common mistakes and omissions.

Depth of Stock: we stock an enormous depth of rental merchandise with a strong emphasis on high-end tabletop selection. We offer one of the broadest arrays of linen color selections, all laundered in our own in-house facility in order to achieve the highest level of perfection.

Familiarity with Local Venues: we actively maintain relationships with most of the local venues in our area, including event centers, photographers, florists, bakeries, caterers and many other event service businesses. This familiarity allows us to help you plan more succinctly what items the event center has available, what items you will need to rent, what size restrictions there are for layout, and the capacities of different event areas.

Showroom: although our online selection allows customers to narrow down or even select some items they require, many people are much more visually oriented and find it more helpful to come into the showroom to see actual color and item combinations. We encourage brides and other large event customers to make an individual appointment with an event planner at our showroom to view and make final selections.

Reliable Delivery and Pickup: when you place your order with Pleasanton Rentals we ensure that your items are clean, prepared and on time. We offer a number of options for delivery and pickup of rental items. Our drivers can assist with setup and takedown of tables, chairs, umbrellas, canopies and tents with advanced arrangements.

At Pleasanton Rentals we believe we are co-creators in your event and bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and personal attention to every customer event.

P O  L  I  C  I  E  S    A  N  D     F  O  R  M  S 

Frequently Asked Questions: This document provides helpful answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Bridal Information Form: We encourage bridal customers to schedule an appointment for a private consultation. Before your appointment fax us this completed Bridal Information form.

Rental Terms and Conditions: Review this document to learn more about reservations, cancellations, change orders, payments and other policies.

Application for Donation / Discount: We get many, many requests for donations and discounts for a number of different types of events. In order to ensure the most effective and efficient review of each request we ask that you begin by reviewing and submitting this donation / discount application.

FAX Order Form: If you are a frequent customer you may find it easier to use this Excel spreadsheet order form that can be filled in, calculated and then faxed to our office.

Credit Account Application: If you are interested in setting up an account with Pleasanton Rentals please read this introduction letter and complete the Credit Application.